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aozoura [userpic]

Ah munna go to a disco

July 26th, 2009 (05:00 pm)

current mood: optimistic
current song: The Kooks- She Moves In Her Own Way

Are you a fan of muffins?

What about cupcakes?

Can you recite any Monty Python quotes?
"I think that's in VERY bad taste. Meow"

Let me guess: You're a text freak?
Not really

Single, taken, crushing, other...?

And how's that going?
Okay I guess. Providing he doesn't become the next Nathan.

Do people tell you you have pretty eyes?
Just my family.

Please tell me you like Ramen...?
Never had ramen

Are you a coffee or tea person?
Hate both

How did you sleep last night?

Is your air conditioner loud?
Don't have one.

So when's your next trip?
KBB probably

Do you say "grody"?

Well, do even you know what grody means?

How often would you say you insult someone?
Everyday idk

Do you have a hard time remembering stuff?
It depends how important it is

Have you sneezed yet today?

Speaking of sneezes, did you know a sneeze is 1/12 of an orgasm?

Any favorite bands?
Mika, McFly, The Kooks, Midnight Youth

What do you think of Tim Burton?

Can you count your scars?

What's your favorite nail polish color?
I don't wear nailpolish

Do you like the beach?
yes, but not when I'm with my family.

Any opinions on Obama?
No opinion. I don't need one because American politics have nothing to do with me.

Have you ever had a vacation where you stayed in a cabin?:
....ew yes

Do you call them cabs or taxis?:

What do you normally order at a cafe?:
cake or pie

What flavour cake you you like most?:

Would you rather call or text?:
Text. I'm useless on the phone. And calls are more urgent than texting

Would you call yourself a calm person?:
Externally, yes.

Do you prefer the name Callum or Kal?:

Do you have your own digital camera?:

Do you have candles just to light or for decoration too?:
I don't own an candles. I did, but then my isster stole it.

Can you drive a car? If not yet, will you?:
yes, but not my myself because my dad doesn't trust me.

Do you save your christmas and birthday cards or throw them out?:

Do you prefer being paid with cash or cheque?:

Do you have, or have you had any cats? Names?:
No, dad hates them

Do you have a favourite catchphrase? If so, what?:
"Say Zoe, how's your vajayjay?"

Would you rather do catering, engineering or biology?:
Biology sounds cool.

Are you cautious or a little too wild?:

What celebrity do you look most like?:
 That chick from Matilda.

Do you like or dislike the name Celeste?:
I think it's lovely

Do you like champagne?:
Never had it.

Chandler, Joey or Ross from Friends?:

Do you use your charm or intellect most?:

Do you know what chav stands for?:
No, but I know what it means. Sarah says it stands for Causing Havoc Around Villages.

Do you like cinnamon on your apple pie?:

Do you ever make out shapes in the clouds?:

Ever played Cludo? Do you like it?:
Yes and no

What's your favourite kind of cocktail?:

Do you drink coffee? What brand?:

Do you prefer coins or notes/bills?:
Notes or coins

Do you prefer coke or Dr Pepper?:
Dr Pepper

Do you feel the cold easier or the heat?:

What colour do you like the least? Why?:
Anything that's too fluroscent and generic

Do you use a comb or brush?:
Comb usually

Have you ever bought condoms? Was it embarrassing?:
No,. but Sarah told me which brand to buy.

How much does the coat you usually wear cost?:

Cottage or Shepherd's Pie?:

Could you kill someone in a war situation?:

Have you ever been called a coward? What for?:
I have, but I can't remember what for

Ever tried crack cocaine, heroin or crystal meth? How did it affect you?:

What do you usually get a craving for?:

Do you eat the crust of your sandwiches?:

Do you cuss a lot?: