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aozoura [userpic]

Link, he comes to town

July 2nd, 2009 (06:54 pm)

current mood: morose

What color was the last remote you used?

Do you have any hiking shoes?
I guess?

Where were you when you heard about Micheal Jackson's death?
Band trip

Did you/are you having a hard time emotionally as a teenager?

What was the worst made movie you ever saw?
The Wild

Have you ever seen a movie where the soundtrack was better than the movie?

Are you creeped out by all the deaths lately?
No, I'm pretty anxious to see who'll be next, really.

Have you ever seen a glacially sculpted landscape?

Do you live near a river?

Did you have a good childhood?
I was bullied a few times, but it was awwright.

What songs gets stuck in your head the most easily?
Anything by Flight of the Conchords

Was anyone famous born on the same day you were?
.....George W Bush

Are you dreading winter?
It IS winter.

Does getting a new haircut make you happy?

Do you own any clothes with flowers on it?

Is it getting harder to find clothes you like?
Yeah, I tell myself to stop shopping at the same places, but there's nothing from any other store I like D:

Have you ever left a mall empty handed?

Would you ever get a custom license plate?

What would it say?

Have you ever made/filled out a survey with someone?

Have you ever mowed the lawn (even a little bit)?

Have you ever been on a boat on a lake and watched fireworks?
Man, that sounds cool.

What's the biggest room in your house?
Not sure, lounge probably.

Do you know anyone who wrote a book?
My history teacher wrote an entire text book.

Have you ever found a spider on your bed?
I find dead spiders in my room all the time.

Hard or soft mattresses?
soft, who the hell chooses hard?

If you have a job do you do other stuff on the computer besides work?
No job.

Does anyone in real life know that you do surveys?
I don't think anyone would care, really.

Have you ever seen a raven?
I don't think so.

Do you like going through tunnels?

Are there any bridges in your town?

Have you ever sent a song to someone through Yahoo Mail?

Does your dad like to work in the yard?
Probably not.

What's your userpic on an IM service?
"Don't stop believin'"

Have you ever had balloons on your birthday?
When I was little yeah

Have you ever hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon?

Do you like to watch storms from a distance?
Yeah, I like storms, but when they're near my house, they scare me.

Does your mom like to bead?

Do you know someone that works in a bar?

Do you like to have layers in your hair?

Do you know who Hayley Westenra is?
Is she Australian or Kiwi?

Did you ever play Spyro?

Have you ever had one dream last the whole night?
I don't think so

What do people think you're weird for not liking?

Ever been to Dallas, Texas?